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内容摘要:What to know about China’s ties with Africa, from aid to infrastructure如何从援助到基建等各方面解读中非关系President Xi Jinping’s tour of four African countri...
What to know about China’s ties with Africa, from aid to infrastructure如何从援助到基建等各方面解读中非关系President Xi Jinping’s tour of four African countries is expected to extend Beijing’s influence on the continent中国主席对非洲四国的访问预计将扩大北京方面对非洲大陆影响力China’s engagement with Africa has accelerated over the decades as the middle kingdom eyes the world’s second largest continent for opportunities for economic growth and geopolitical influence.几十年来随着中国成为世界第二大经济体,中国经济实力与地缘政治影响力不断增长地同时中非接触也在升温。President Xi Jinping’s visits this week to Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa and Mauritius – his first overseas trips of the year – are expected to build ties and extend Beijing’s influence on the continent.本周中国领导人访问了塞内加尔,卢旺达,南非和毛里求斯。这是他今年第一次海外访问,预计将深化北京对非洲大陆的影响力。Africa has a role in Xi’s signature programme, the “Belt and Road Initiative”, which aims to revive the ancient Silk Road land and sea trade routes through the building of roads, ports and bridges.As Xi visits Africa, here is a look at the four key areas where China is expanding its presence on the continent. 非洲在中国发起的一路一带倡议中扮演了重要角色。该倡议旨在通过公路,港口和桥梁恢复古代丝绸之路连接起来的海陆贸易路线。在中国领导人访问非洲时,我们来看看中国在非洲扩大影响力的四大关键领域。Infrastructure基建Beijing’s multitrillion-dollar belt and road strategy is an extensive infrastructure network of railways, ports, roads and pipelines that aims to connect China with much of the world, including Africa.由中国政府发起成本高达数万亿美元的一路一带战略是一个庞大的铁路,港口,公路和管道基础设施网络,旨在将中国与包括非洲在内的世界大部分地区联系起来。China’s involvement in African infrastructure dates back to the 1950s, when it funded and built a railway between Tanzania and Zambia.中国参与非洲基础设施建设最早可以回顾到50年代,那时中国援建了一条连接坦桑尼亚和赞比亚的铁路。Foreign minister Wang Yi said last year that China had so far funded more than 6,200km (3,850 miles) of railways and over 5,000km of roads in Africa. Among them are the US$4 billion Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway, a 750km line linking landlocked Ethiopia – home to Africa’s fastest-growing economy – to Djibouti on the coast of the Red Sea.中国外交部长王毅去年表示到目前为止,中国已资助了6200公里(3850英里)铁路以及5000多公里的公路。其中包括一条价值40亿美元的亚的斯亚贝巴铁路,总长750公里将非洲经济增速最高的内陆国家埃塞俄比亚与红海沿岸国家吉布提连接在一起。Also in progress is a US$3.2 billion 472km railway between Kenya’s port city of Mombasa and its capital, Nairobi. When completed sometime in the next 25 years, Kenya’s largest infrastructure project since independence will extend into the countries of South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.此外肯尼亚港口城市蒙巴萨和首都内罗毕之间的铁路也在建设中肯尼亚自建立以来最大的基础设施项目将在未来25年内完成,届时该铁路将延伸至南苏丹,卢旺达,布隆迪,埃塞俄比亚和刚果。The list of infrastructure plans also includes a “mega port” in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, a port in Lamu, Kenya, a six-lane highway in Uganda and a pipeline in Tanzania.  基础设施建设计划清单中还包括一座坦桑尼亚巴格莫约的一个“超级港口”, 肯尼亚拉穆的一个港口、乌干达的一条六车道高速公路和坦桑尼亚的一条石油运输管道。Military军事Beijing has said it wants to strengthen its defence engagement with African countries to protect both its vast economic interests and the safety of more than 1 million Chinese citizens who live on the continent.中国政府已表示希望加强与非洲国家的防务合作,以保护其巨大的经济利益和100多万居住在非洲大陆的中国公民安全。In a move cementing its influence in Africa, Beijing established its first overseas military base in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa to provide what it said was logistical support to anti-piracy operations in Somali waters.为了巩固其在非洲的影响力,北京在有非洲之角美称的吉布提建设第一个海外军事基地,对索马里海域反海盗行动提供后勤支持。Meanwhile, it has bolstered its involvement in peacekeeping missions to the war-torn countries of South Sudan, Mali, Congo and Liberia and the region of Darfur in western Sudan.与此同时,它还加强了对南苏丹、马里、刚果和利比里亚等饱受战争蹂躏的国家以及苏丹西部达尔富尔地区维和任务的参与。More than 2,000 Chinese peacekeeping forces are now in Africa, according to China’s assistant foreign minister, Chen Xiaodong.根据中国外交部部长助理陈晓东的说法,目前有2000多名中国维和部队部署在非洲。Also, Chinese warships have escorted 6,000-plus Chinese and foreign ships in the Gulf of Aden and waters off the Somalian coast.此外,中国军舰还在亚丁湾和索马里海域护航6000多艘海内外船只。At the first-ever China-Africa Defence and Security Forum, held in Beijing last month, Chinese officials assured more than 50 senior African military officials that China would provide “comprehensive support” to African armies, anti-terrorism efforts and cybersecurity tech development to ensure national security and regional stability on the continent.上月在北京举行的首届中非防务与安全论坛上中国官员向50多名非洲高级军事官员保证,中国将在非洲军事建设、反恐和网络安全技术发展向非洲提供“全面支持”,以确保非洲国家安全与地区稳定。Natural resources自然资源For some time, China has relied on Africa for a steady flow of natural resources, including oil, copper, zinc and iron ore, to sustain manufacturing at home.一段时间以来中国一直依靠非洲稳定的自然资源,包括石油、铜、锌和铁矿石,以维持国内制造业正常运转。Every day, China receives oil from Angola and Nigeria, gold from Ghana, chromium from South Africa, copper from Zambia and bauxite and other rare minerals from Guinea.中国每天都从安哥拉和尼日利亚进口石油,从加纳进口黄金,从南非进口铬,从赞比亚进口铜,从几内亚进口铝土矿和其他稀有矿物。In recent years, Chinese companies, accused of running irresponsible operations that hurt local employees and the environment, have adjusted their strategies by entering the mining industry in Africa through working alongside or buying local mining companies.近年来,中国企业因经营不善损害了当地员工和环境,此后通过与当地矿业公司合作或收购当地矿业公司调整了经营战略。China’s Citic Metal recently agreed to spend about US$542 million to acquire a 19.9 per cent stake in Canada’s Ivanhoe Mines, which has three large copper, zinc and platinum-group development projects in southern Africa.中国中信金属最近同意斥资约5.42亿美元收购加拿大艾芬豪矿业公司19.9%的股份。艾芬豪矿业在非洲南部拥有3个大型铜、锌和铂类开发项目。Aid and loans援助和贷款China has emerged as one of the largest aid donors to Africa in recent years, helping to build public facilities, train engineers and technicians, deploy medical staff and ease the burden of debt on the continent. But some critics worry that China is using its huge aid programme to expand both its soft and hard power.近年来,中国已成为非洲最大的援助国之一,帮助非洲建设公共设施,培训工程师和技术人员,部署医务人员,也帮助减轻非洲大陆的债务负担。但一些批评人士担心,中国正在利用其庞大的援助计划来扩大其软实力和硬实力。Its success in setting up more than 80 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in 41 countries across Africa has sparked concern that the Beijing-funded education centres are undermining local academic freedom by advancing China’s political agenda.它成功地在非洲41个国家建立了80多个孔子学院和孔子课堂。这引发了人们的担忧,即北京资助的教育中心通过宣讲中国政治正在破坏当地的学术自由。





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